Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
...if you genuinely wish to reach a high level of prayer in all honesty and without falling into the traps that the devil sets for those who pray, SAY your Rosary everyday... St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Am A Lesbian (Pol Medina Jr. Controversy)

Pol Medina Jr's comic strip became an issue when it tackled lesbianism particularly in St. Scholastica (I do not know if this refers to a college or academy.) 

The attack of this comic strip shows that Christians, particularly Catholics, and most particularly those who govern Catholic schools, were hypocrites because they "condone" lesbianism in their own institution, and it says that there were no beautiful lass who don't have a girlfriend.

It also gave a kick of possibility that even nuns of the schools were also lesbians. 

In my point of view, the comic strip is just showing the reality that lesbianism is existing even in Catholic institutions, that is actually against lesbianism and gay relationship as well. 

That is the sad existing reality that the comic strip shows. 

But, what is the impact of it in public when even nuns where dragged in this strip? That's another story.

The image of nuns and their vows of chastity may be damage by this comic strip that is asking - "Perhaps even nuns (who are in Catholic institutions) were tom girls?"

In media and public sense, it is already a damaging attack to the nuns even if it is a question. Why? Because it is a malicious question. Those kind of questions must not be there for it is unkind especially to those people who keep themselves chaste. 

The strip in its aspect may appear to have a malicious logic, meaning, if female students in an all-girls institutions were mostly lesbians, then, perhaps, nuns were also lesbians.

That is the bad part which I hate in that comic strip of Pol Medina Jr. 

I cannot say that Catholics, especially those who run Catholic schools can be considered as hypocrites because, they do not condone those female students who have perverted feelings to their female companions. It just happens that despite the fact that Catholic superiors were strongly against this sinful and pervert actions, hard-headed and disobedient female studs have their hidden last say. 

Hahahaha! Against all odds? Really. Indeed. That's what they call "love"? Well, I do not consider nor applaud to such immature and rubbish thing.

But what can we do? Our society naturally as it should be, is a male and female world. What happened to these all-girls (and even all-boys) schools were actually a societal crisis for male and female interaction were
mostly to totally destroyed. Now, what can you expect to those young people who are not in the heights of moral uprightness,  who are not built-up and mature on their own feelings, can govern self control? Identity crisis is really a problem for it is a personal struggle and can only helped by guided personal communication.

School authorities and parents should go hand-in-hand to personalize these alarming and scandalous situations. Male or female perversion to their natural state is a grave violation of order. We must have an in-depth and heart-to-heart communication towards our sons and daughters and that is the only way to help them solve their identity crisis.

I seriously condemn those lesbian and gay relationships. If God wants to establish a female-to-female relationships especially sexual, then, He should not created the male.

To Pol Jr., let us consider the outcome of our freedom of expression and what good it may bring to people.

Mary H. Distributist

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