Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Priests Who Celebrate Latin Mass Are Grumpy? Def'nitely Not!

I am very amazed until now and very happy to see these funny pictures of a priest celebrating his kiddie party on his 45th birthday where my mom also laughed once I showed these pictures of him who, by the way, celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin everyday in his parish, and the official exorcist of the Diocese of Cubao.

But before you go to see the pictures, are you aware and awake that there are priests who celebrate the Holy Mass in Latin?

I pray your answer is yes. And if yes, I pray also that you knew because maybe you had read the Summorum Pontificum of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI or the Ecclesia Dei of Blessed Pope John Paul II before, or maybe you found out that those who celebrate latin masses were "traditionalists" (actually, they are) like those of the Society of St. Piux X - who I pray not the cause of the "demonization" of others to the latin mass.

But, I just want to say that Latin Masses are not boring nor it is just for people who were not joyful or grumpy or for those people who were intellectuals and intelligent when it comes to the Catholic Faith. The funny and sad thing is when we had this Novus Ordo (New Order of the Mass), or particularly the Holy Mass where the priests are facing the people, I witnessed the grumpy and not joyful people, despite the fact that choirs are super-free to sing "extravagant" and "spirit-uplifting" songs from the beginning till the mission-sending of the mass. Where the laity has an active physical participation in the Holy Mass where we have lectors and commentators, we have Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Wow! Big words!) and also from other organizations like Mother Butler's Guild and many more. I also met people who were in the heights of their parish service together with their hypocrisy and unholiness - but I love them. What I hate is what they did before (I hope they changed now.).

Despite the changes and innovation made by the Second Vatican Council, I still hope that people, many people are craving for an ancient spirituality of the Holy Mass. And although I do not understand Latin language as a whole, Holy Mass celebrated in latin is really different from the New Mass. Here, I interiorly enjoyed the real extravagance of this mass. It is solemn and respected. It has a sense of the sacred and has a truly pure worship and adoration, the highest prayer of all prayers addressed to God, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can offer to the Most High. I am very much delighted to share this joy of this priest in these photos. May his charism and sense of the sacred lead many people to the Holy God who is holy and perfect. So, come on! Experience the Holy Mass attended by the Saints and holy people before! (By the way, you can bring here your gadgets like tablets or phones for viewing the Mass in Latin with the respective translation in english.
Kindly visit .)
Come and worship the Lord! (Father's face here is kinda creepy. But I assure you, he laughs!)

A priest devoted to St. Philomena 
And here are the birthday photos of Rev. Fr. Michell Joe "Jojo" B. Zerrudo. Thank you Sir Dennis Raymond P. Maturan for the pictures.

The theme is Kiddie Birthday Party so all ages are welcome!
Fr. Zerrudo watching the children perform in his birthday. 
Father with his friends at the dining table.
Fr. Jojo in his funny hat with Mr. Gerald Cenir on his left. (Do you think grumpy priests can wear that kind of hat?)
Fr. Jojo Zerrudo with his brother priests (Warming up for their show. This is my first time seeing a priest having a lollipop. Remember, he's an exorcist! So, I'll delete the myth that exorcist should be deadly serious.)

They're dancing Psy's, "Gentleman". (If this priest, especially in his ministry of exorcism and celebration of Tridentine Latin Mass, is deadly serious, most probably his seriously dead!)
Cute. Reverend. Gentleman!
Do you know a priest who is more cool, humorous, laughable, and joyful than he? 
Fr. Jojo Zerrudo's friends from left : Sir Dennis Raymond P. Maturan, Fr. Michell Joe himself, Mr. Gerald Cenir, and Mr. Alain Nacor. (The Birthday Boys.)

In conclusion, those who have their spirituality in the Latin Mass are joyful!
Experience the Latin Mass attended by our early Saints! (And, how poor they are for not experiencing the Novus Ordo. Joke.)

For the greater glory of God!


Angelo Cardinal Fratelli said...

It is very hard to find Latin Masses and they are very reverent. I think this generation is craving for something more beautiful and mysterious in worship. Here in the USA, our average parish church celebrates Mass that is very "man-centered" with happy music and an emphasis on welcoming. It doesn't tend to be very nourishing for the spirit. Please pray that we can return to reverence and mystery in the Mass. We don't need it to be a Latin Mass. Vatican II intended for the Novus Ordo Mass to stay very similar to the Latin Mass. Our former Pope Benedict has simply said that Vatican II was not implemented correctly. And the results of this incorrect use have been very harmful.

Jem Hao said...

Indeed my friend of good will. I pray that the Summorum Pontificum of His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI be well implemented and embraced by priests who know well what sense of the sacred really is. It's OK if it's not really in Latin if they wish, but Latin Masses are really badly needed. May your countrymen bring back the God-centered worship and adoration there! ADMG! - Mary Hao