Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blessed Virgin Mary : The "First Woman Exorcist"

"The Blessed Virgin Mary has only two missions. The first is to bring God to humanity. The second is to bring the humanity to God." - Bro. Marwil N. Llasos O.P.

Who and what is an exorcist? According to Fr. Jose Francisco "Jocis" C. Syquia in his book, Exorcism : Encounters with the Paranormal and the Occult, an exorcist is simply a man whom the Lord uses as his instrument in order to liberate victims from the clutches of Satan's extraordinary activities.

Mama Mary is also an exorcist just like she can also become a priest for she has the right claim to say, "This is my Body" and, "This is my Blood" for the Son of god's humanity came from her and she is his mother.

The Blessed Virgin Mary consented to the conception of the Son of God, the Word of God in her womb and thus becoming obedient to God, she destroyed and made new the disobedient Eve who obeyed the serpent and not God, therefore Mama Mary did an exorcism - she summoned out the devil by becoming obedient to God.

The Blessed Virgin Mary also received the Word and the words of the angel of the Lord Gabriel with great humility and reverence thus becoming trustful to the messenger and to God and not relied on her own and destroyed the fear in her for "fear is the lack of trust in the Lord"(as said by Fr. Michell Joe "Jojo" B. Zerrudo), Mama Mary did an exorcism - she summoned out the fear out of her and trust reigned in her thus she destroyed and renew the Eve who trusted the serpent instead of God and relied on her own instead of relying on God, trusted the words of the serpent instead of trusting the words of God. 

Indeed, Mama Mary can also be counted as an exorcist for in her "the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us" [John 1:14].
Thus Mama Mary has her share in the salvation planned by God no wonder it is truly right and just to call her Co-Redemptrix. Mama Mary has also her share in "speaking" the Word of God to all of humanity by giving  way to him to manifest himself to the whole world. Mama Mary became also the mouth of God for in her Jesus Christ the Word of God was born therefore Mama Mary made an exorcism - in her was born the Word of God thus starting the first summoning out of the devil by the Word of God who liberate victims from the claws of the devil's works. "Whoever sins belongs to the devil, because the devil has sinned from the beginning. Indeed, the Son of God was revealed to destroy the works of the devil" - 1 John 3:8

The Blessed Virgin Mary simply the preacher of the "full of grace and truth" [John 1:14] in a greatly inexplicable way. She is preaching Jesus the Word of God from the beginning of her earthly life, and even God preached about her even before she was born. She preached Jesus, giving birth to him, thus Mama Mary is the first human preacher who said in silence but the loudest! "The Kingdom of the Lord is at hand!"

God started it.
The angel Gabriel sent the message from God and the receiver of the message is an unassuming virgin Mary.

The first message is this : 

"Chaire, kecharitomene, ho kurios meta sou."

In Latin, "Ave, gratia plena. Dominus tecum."

In english, "Hail, full of grace. The Lord is with you."

Luke 1:36-38

So the, "Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you." are the words of God spoken by the angel to the Blessed Virgin Mary that started our salvation from sin and from the devil's works. 

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the first woman exorcist.

Hail Mary!

Mary H. Distributist

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