Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
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Saturday, January 4, 2014



"Wear the talk."

Have you heard the term, “wear the talk?” If not, I’ll tell you.

If we have the term “walk the talk” which may mean “act on what is said”, then I have my version too which is “wear the talk” or “wear what is said.”

Students of any schools or universities have their Identification cards on their neck and in addition to this; some of them are required to wear official uniforms said by the school to wear by them. Even the soldiers or constabularies have their own respective and robust uniforms. These people I mention do wear and unwear their Identification cards or uniforms when the students are not in their school premises and even soldiers and police officers unwear their uniforms when they are out of duty.
The term “I wear the talk” is acted on by these people I mentioned. If Mary Hao is a police officer and it is said that I am so, then I will wear what a police officer must wear. If I am a police officer who is a man of the law, then I will wear my suit which is according to the law for I am a police officer who is a man of the law.

Now, let’s talk about our priests. They are religious men. Whether they are secular or diocesan, or a member of a religious Order, they must have their own uniforms or Identification suits. These men I mentioned are men of no other than Jesus Christ our Lord and God. And in the sacred scriptures, it is written that, “You are a priest forever.” If these unidentified priests are priests forever, why is it that they cannot be recognized as a person of eternity? Why these priests do not wear the talk that was made clear in the sacred scriptures? If they are priest forever, is not it better to wear the priests must wear even in eternity? For it is a disgrace not to be identified as a man of God. It is a shame that a man or an agent of God cannot do better about his eternal priesthood. The priest’s suit, whether of a diocesan or a religious man of an Order, must be worn forever, for they are priests forever. These agents of God must wear the talk at all times. If ever they will say that they do not wear it or they take their suits off because they must be humble in wearing their priesthood in the eyes of the world, then I will say that that is one of the stupidest reasons I will hear in my whole life! For everyone must be humble what he/she wears.

I exhort our priests to wear the talk. For these priests are a shame in the eyes of our nuns and religious sisters who wear the talk. These women of God do better. How about our priests? These women of God wear their suits, as I witnessed it, at all times and every time I see them. But I want to take my eyes off when I see a man of God who is not wearing the talk. It’s a shame. It’s a disgrace. Soldiers and constabularies wear the talk, how about you, men of God? All of you are priests forever, right? Why not put on with humility your respective suits that you will wear forever?

My dear priests, do better!

And, you my dear priests are the ones who offer sacrifices as what a priest is defined. Now, to wear your suits forever is your sacrifice forever.

Your loving, tall frater,

Mary H. Distributist


Anonymous said...

Indeed. If these priests will not wear holy respect, how can they be respected in holiness?

Anonymous said...

If these priests is not deserving to be respected as a human, then I can just say is that what must be respected to them is their office. If a bishop or a cardinal for example. If these two are demons, then respect their office as a bishop or a cardinal. Same as with the priests. Their office is their fatherhood. This must be respected even if they are demons.