Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014



St. Peter is one of the many persons I’m so thrilled to know about. It is because he is the second disregarded person next to the Blessed Virgin Mary by many protestants or simply people who were not in communion with the Catholic Church on the truth about the Blessed Virgin Mary and others that the Catholic Church believes about them.

Due to my ineptness, I just now start to have strength to stand up for this poor man who is controversial next to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am also mystified by this person why on earth he is blessed by Jesus Christ to become the prince of the apostles of our Lord. So, I present to you why to have this poor man is to have the Church, and to have Jesus Christ as well.

Let’s take a look on the sacred scriptures on Matthew 16: 13-20 (I suggest you open a Bible what you got).

Jesus Christ’s identity was known to the disciples and to the people just by what they see with their eyes. The fact that Christ is a man and a prophet is answered for He is the Son of Man. Bad thing to know is He is widely known not as Jesus but by other names of prophets.

Then here goes a very mysterious question from Jesus which will show that He is also the Son of God.
“But who do you say that I am?”

Of course the disciples knew that He is Jesus. The only thing they don’t know is what Jesus is besides His identity as the Son of Man to which, only Peter had an answer:
“You are the Anointed One, the Son of the living God.”

Peter knew what Jesus is and his answer to Jesus’ question did not come from what Peter sees or what is apparent to him but by what is revealed by no other than the heavenly Father. What a blessing it is indeed to reply to Christ with the help of the Father of Christ! Peter’s answer is not from flesh and blood but by the spirit. I am 100% sure that it is the Holy Spirit who manifested Himself to Peter in order for Peter to had the answer. For it is God’s will that it is Peter. No wonder Jesus Christ blesses Peter where here, Christ is giving an office to him.

So because the heavenly Father willed that it is Peter, what can Jesus Christ do? Of course Jesus Christ will not act against the will of the Father. Here, the Anointed One of God appoints Peter as His Church.

But what is a Church? A Church is a Temple of the Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ. Here, Jesus Christ is saying, “And I say to you, you are Peter and upon you I will build my Body, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.” That is what I call appointment. Jesus Christ appoints Peter as His deputy, representative, or vicar. That is the office of Peter. He is the Vicar of Christ. The question now is this: why it is Peter?

It is because Peter is a weak human being, and that’s it. God made perfect sense when He chose Peter to become the deputy of Christ when Christ will not be physically present as a human being is. Peter is a weak human being and this includes the fact that he can make errors and can sin against God but Peter cannot in no way be wrong when it come to the matters that the Holy Spirit manifests through him, of course I say that this applies to Peter’s power to act in behalf of Christ where Peter is infallible only on the matters of the faith or matters of revelation where he acts by means of the Holy Spirit as God wills.

Peter can make a mistake while making coffee and uses an iodized salt instead of white sugar but he cannot be wrong when he is speaking about abortion; that abortion cannot be in any way good and right. As I said, the Pope cannot be wrong when it comes to the matters of Divine revelation but can get wrong in making his own coffee.

Going back to the appointment, Jesus Christ chose Peter because he is a very perfect example of a weak human being. Peter is weak in the sense that he is human and he can sin. The only difference between Peter and Judas is that Peter sought God’s forgiveness. Peter is a perfect example of a weak human being whose strength is God. Peter shows that to become a weak human being, one must have God as ones’ strength. It is very shameful to deny God three times. And what a grave sin Peter had done. Yet, the rest is history.

Peter has the Church for God placed the Church above Peter. He is living in behalf of Christ and he does not own his body anymore but Christ for he is supposed to be. The Spirit of God is much more superior than the flesh of Peter. So to have the Pope and to be in communion with him is to have the Church, the Body of Christ.

Mary H. Distributist

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