Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The Gentle Mastery of Christ (Matthew 11:28-30)

We Are Like the Angels?

MEDITATION:  I am very delighted to share you a homily I heard today in Monasterio de Santa Clara, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. The homily was given by a young – looking Franciscan priest. I will share it and will have “little enhancements” of my own.

The Gospel for today tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ’s Advent for us is an angelic relaxation from heavy human laws or any man-invented unnecessary orders that were designed for us and under obligation to follow suit. But we have also an Advent of our own to God for He invites us to come to Him who will give us an angelic rest. I think this is very troubling. How can Jesus Christ give us rest where in fact, even His commands and words are hard to do? Were not they? But that is the angelic point of Christ. His commands and words may seem for us hard for it is really so and too much a burden if we are worldly, materialistic, world – minded, material – minded human beings. The Word of God Jesus and His words of course will give a real burden for us if we stupidly burden ourselves with things and matters that all are worthless in eternity or in eternal life. And it will really be a burden for us if we are agitated and anxious about things and matters that has no connection to God; has no connection with the salvation of our souls and of others; has no connection to the greater glory of God; has no connection to the charity we are obligated to act upon for our neighbor who are in need; has no connection to the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy that we must do like to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, to instruct the ignorant, to pray for the living and the dead, and many others. All of this stupidity that really burdens us is too much revolving around on what is human, wicked, sinful, and what will excite and comfort our senses and wants that were material greediness at all. Worldly people will be really burdened by the world for they live a worldly way and not in a Godly – angelic way. This is same as to the worldly truth which is science and worldly life which is human or self – centered life that were both contrary to the Godly – angelic Truth that was revealed for us and Godly – angelic life that is living a life of poverty or poor in spirit, simplicity, prayer, charity, and faith that will let us fly to eternal life.

That’s the soul and spirit of our Gospel for today. To follow God and to act on His words will unburden ourselves and will certainly give us angelic rest for God said so; our false worldly freedom will really burden us not the way we thought it that this will give us relaxation nor rest but will just burden us and leave us restless. To obey God’s will gives true Godly – angelic freedom – a freedom that will be hurtful and painful but will definitely lead us to God and in His promised eternal life. Our labor for God and for our neighbor will certainly burden us but God will give us angelic rest.
Let us take God’s yoke and put it in our shoulders and learn from His teachings in the Gospels and instructions for Jesus Christ is patient in enduring long – suffering and He is humble of heart. In acting on God’s words, we will definitely find angelic rest for ourselves for we will realize that in obeying His words and acting on them, we will see that we are flying and floating like the angels for God’s way is the way of the angels. So, we must live like the angels, I mean, the good angels.

The Gospel teaches us that we are like angels in a human flesh provided that we are not living in sin and we are following and acting on God’s teachings and instructions while working, laboring, and living on this world by God’s ways and not by human ways. We are like angels, but because we are in human flesh, we feel burdened and restless of course. That’s why we must live like the angels who can take themselves lightly for they have wings. The Gospel is intended for us humans so that even we are humans; we can be and live like the angels. The only difference we and the good angels have is we humans get exhausted, get tired, and even worst, to sin against God and against our neighbor. We must live an angelic – life by living the Gospels, and by doing so, we will notice that the Gospels are our wings that will let us fly and float around God like the good angels do. So let us relax and rest in the shoulders of our God, the Lord of Angels.

And last but not the least, we must not let ourselves labor, be burdened, and be restless in the world by becoming worldly that will let us sin. For if we live and die in a burdening sin, we will definitely fall down in hell having Satan and his bad angels as “loving” companions. So let us not live on this earth like a fallen angel. For if we live like that, we will definitely fall and suffer eternal damnation.

Let us unite ourselves to the Angelic Body of God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass only if we are pure like the good angels who have no sin. So, if you are a fallen angel at this very moment, run and go to the Sacrament of Confession!

Again, we are like angels living in a human body. Our wings are the Gospels and the Most Blessed Sacrament, and our feathers are the pages of the sacred scriptures, the sacraments, the sacramentals, and many more.

So this will be my parting words my angelic – like brothers and sisters: Our earthly bodies must stay here but our soul must be always in heaven.

“Jesus, I trust in Thee” “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”

Go and set the world on fire!

Mary H. Distributist

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