Ad Jesum per Mariam

Ad Jesum per Mariam
...if you genuinely wish to reach a high level of prayer in all honesty and without falling into the traps that the devil sets for those who pray, SAY your Rosary everyday... St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Little View on Evangelii Gaudium

Here is the link to the Apostolic Exhortation of Pontifex Maximus Holy Papa Franciscus I  -

It must be emphasized that sense of the sacred brings much joy to all for God is happy to share His happiness to us, which we call joy, for sense of the sacred is pleasing to God. In everything that we do, we must let the Holy Spirit to live and act in us for if we have Him, we can be assured that we are in joy - we are in happiness with God. In all that we do, we must check whether the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit can be examined and be seen by us, for if not, then something is wrong with us. So, it is by letting God to live and act in us and not us in ourselves that we will live in joy and love, our love will become like the Love of God. - Mary H. Distributist

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